Beyma CP-21/F

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Beyma CP-21/F Slot Tweeter 25W 105dB

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Beyma CP-21/F Slot Tweeter 25W 105dB This compression tweeter is designed for use in multi-element loudspeaker systems in both sound reinforcement and studio applications. It features smooth response with wide controlled dispersion in the horizontal plane (140°). The voice coil is wound from flat aluminium wire, bonded to an aluminium diaphragm for extended response and excellent transient attack. The diaphragm assembly is field replaceable without soldering. Key Features - 1.5” (37.6 mm) edgewound aluminium ribbon voice coil - Great power handling: 25 w AES - High sensitivity : 105 dB - Very similar model to the CP22 but with wider horizontal dispersion (140º) - Designed for applications with need of wide horizontal dispersion and precise high frequency coverage. Technical Specifications Rated impedance 8 ohms. Minimum impedance 8 ohms.@ 9 kHz D.C. Resistance 6.1 ohms. Power capacity 25 w AES Program Power 50 w Sensitivity 105 dB 1w @ 1m. Frequency range 3.5 - 20 kHz Recommended crossover 5 kHz or higher Dispersion H x V 140° x 40° Voice coil diameter 37.6 mm. 1.5 in. Magnetic assembly weight 1.2 kg. 2.64 Ib. Flux density 1.55 T BL Factor 5.2 N/A
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Artikelnummer Beyma CP-21/F
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