Beyma CP-22

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Beyma CP-22

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Beyma CP-22
Bullet Tweeter 25W 109dB

This compression tweeter is designed for use in multi-element loudspeaker systems in sound reinforcement applications that require high output, narrow controlled dispersion and long throw. This model produces a very high output level with flat response and excellent transient attack. This unit features an aluminium voice coil diaphragm assembly, which is field replaceable without soldering.

Key Features
- 1.5” (37.6 mm) edgewound aluminium ribbon voice coil
- Great power handling: 25 w AES
- Aluminium diaphragm
- Precise directivity: 40º conical
- High sensitivity : 107 dB
- Compression tweeter designed for long-throw high frequency applications.

Technical Specifications
Rated impedance 8 ohms.
Minimum impedance 8.5 ohms.@ 9 kHz
D.C. Resistance 6.1 ohms.
Power capacity 25 w AES
Program Power 50 w
Sensitivity 107 dB 1w @ 1m
Frequency range 4 - 20 kHz
Recommended crossover 5 kHz or higher
Dispersion H x V 40° conical
Voice coil diameter 37.6 mm. 1.5 in.
Magnetic assembly weight 1.2 kg. 2.64 Ib.
Flux density 1.55 T
BL Factor 5.2 N/A

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Artikelnummer Beyma CP-22
Producent Beyma
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