Beyma CP-380M

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Beyma CP-380M

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Beyma CP-380M
Compressie driver 1" 70W 107dB

This 1” professional high quality compression driver features a lightweight diaphragm assembly made with temperature polyester, attached to an edgewound aluminium ribbon voice coil, providing exceptionally acoustic pressure over an extremely wide frequency range, with smooth and flat response and low harmonic distortion. The coil diaphragm assembly is easily field replaceable without soldering.

Key Features

- 1” (25 mm) exit compression driver
- Considerable power handling: 70 w AES
- 2” (44.4 mm) edgewound aluminium ribbon voice coil
- Light polyester diaphragm
- Extraordinary sensitivity (107 dB)
- Wide frequency range: 0.8-20 kHz
- High linearity

Technical Specifications

Throat diameter 25 mm. 1 in.
Rated impedance 8 ohms.
Minimum impedance 5.2 ohms.@ 4.5 kHz
D.C. Resistance 4.7 ohms.
Power Capacity 70 w AES above 1.5 kHz
Program Power 140 w above 1.5 kHz
Sensitivity 107 dB 1w @ 1m coupled to TD250 horn
Frequency range 0.8 - 20 kHz
Recommended crossover 1.2 kHz or higher, 12 dB/oct.min..
Voice coil diameter 44.4 mm. 1.75 in.
Magnetic assembly weight 3 kg. 6.6 lb.
Flux density 2 T
BL factor 7 N/A

Extra informatie
Artikelnummer Beyma CP-380M
Producent Beyma
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