Allen & heath Xone 92 dj mixer

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Allen & heath Xone 92

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Allen & heath Xone 92 dj mixer
6 stereo channels (4 phono or line, 2 mono/mic or stereo return)

2 auxiliary sends selectable pre/post fader (and crossfader)

MIDI output from VCF 1+2, crossfader, LFO (MIDI clock), dedicated data control and start/stop button

New twin-rail VCA channel faders or high quality VCA rotary faders

2 independent stereo mix outputs

2 VCF filters - any performance channel can be assigned to either filter and either side of crossfader

2 x independent Low Frequency Oscillators (LFO) for filter modulation

Active crossfader allowing contour to be set from smooth to scratch mix

Custom illumination showing status of all performance switches

4 band EQ - high definition of frequency bands, with infinite kill on HF and LF; wide Q for cut, narrow Q for boost.

Dedicated booth output

Metering - extensive channel, output and cue metering

Intelligent cue system allowing pre or post EQ monitoring

Monitor section - includes post EQ switch; split cue and mix to cue balance

2 x headphone outputs  and 3.5mm jack

Talkover facility on mono/mic channel attenuates music by 20dB

Dedicated clean feed record output

Universal power supply for worldwide performance

Internal installer options for system optimisation

Plinth or 19 rack mount ears included

...Spare knobs included

. and of course, the legendary A&H sound and build quality

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